It is very common to experience hip pain/ instability and low back pain during pregnancy. Fortunately at Berwick Myotherapy we can help!


After correct and comfortable positioning, therapists will adopt the appropriate techniques to relieve pain and implement a strengthening plan if required.

Benefits of pregnancy massage include:
Pain relief
Reduce swelling
Relieve sciatic pain
Decrease headaches and upper body tension
Decrease hip soreness and lower body tension
Pelvic strengthening
When do we use Pregnancy Massage techniques?
Pregnancy Massage techniques can be utilised at any stage of pregnancy.
Your practitioners will go through a thorough assessment and history and seek referrals from other health practitioners if needed.

All of our Pregnancy related treatments are performed by both our Myos and our Remedial Massage team within a standard Myotherapy/remedial massage appointment. Our practitioners are trained and experienced.