Cupping is a modality we use to specifically mobilise the Myofascial system.
Muscles are lined with a connective tissue called fascia. If this fascia is tight it limits the functionality of the muscles that lie below the surrounding area. The muscles are unable to contract and relax optimally so we look at mobilizing the connective tissue with a vacuum pump and cups.
A vacuum pump is used to draw the soft tissue perpendicular to the skin which provides a tensile force to the soft tissue system. Cups can be left in one site for a prolonged period or moved along the skin to promote flexibility in the tissue.
Our team also practices functional cupping. Functional Release Cupping incorporates movement and can target specific restricted range of movement.
This technique aims to:
Increase blood flow
Relax the area
Remove waste products
De-activate Myofascial trigger points
Mobilize the fascia and muscle
When do we use Cupping?
Cupping is a great technique for all body types
Movement cupping is fantastic to get movement through the connective tissue and is often used to start off a treatment.

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