Myofascial dry needling is used to help restore muscle range and function. Myofascial dry needling (MDN) is based on western anatomical and neurophysiological principles, with a central focus on Myofascial trigger point resolution.
We get some amazing results with MDN – Come in and see if it can help you!
Thin filament needles are inserted into a trigger point to:
Give relief or eliminate pain
Increase blood flow to remove wastes/toxins
Increase range of movement of the muscles involved
Promote correct neuromuscular patterns
When do we use MDN?
Dry needling can be a great alternative to deep tissue manipulation/massage, as it can relieve tension and pain without heavy pressure which can leave you with that ‘bruised’ feeling.
MDN is a fantastic technique to use with chronic long standing pain or discomfort that won’t fully resolve.
MDN is also a a great treatment technique when Myofascial trigger points are present and when treating sensitive skin and muscle tissue.