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Welcome to Berwick Myotherapy’s first blog!

We have been very busy behind the scenes lately.

Something we have been looking forward to showing all of you is our new sign on the front of our building.

Its blue black and white, its bold and its conveniently lit up at night which will make it easy for you to find us when coming to those evening appointments throughout the winter time.

Did you know we are open until 8pm 5 nights a week? And Saturday mornings too! - Hopefully offering appointment times that suit everyone.

You can book appointments online through our website

Stay tuned as we will be using this space to bring you lots of exciting news about our clinic as well as

  • helpful home treatments

  • self-maintenance tips

  • injury prevention information

  • pictures

  • videos

  • and LOTS more!

We look forward to seeing you in our clinic soon.

Signing off for the very first time,

The team at Berwick Myotherapy BM xxx

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