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Sitting VS Standing

The big question floating around the office it better to sit or stand?

When we talk about ergonomics, there are lots of things to consider!

Standing all day can just be as bad, if not worse for some people, than sitting. Replacing one static position with another is not a good solution!

Education and movement are the two most important aspects of ergonomics and its links to musculoskeletal pain.

Understanding why we should even consider the way we sit, stand, move at work or home is very important.

Recent studies have found workers who sit for a prolonged time increase their chances of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. If that isn't incentive enough, then we don't know what is!

A great start to improving you work habits and posture is to write yourself a list of your daily tasks.

Sitting, standing, talking on the phone, crouching to do filing, standing at the printer? Does this differ day to day or week to week?

This will help determine what position you spend most of your day in.

If you spend most of your day sitting, it doesn't automatically mean you should switch to standing all day. Maybe all you need to do is alter your current set up.

For example. When is the last time you altered your seat height?

Is the length of your seat too short or long for your thighs? Can you switch with someone?

Does you chair have built in lumbar support? Is it in the right position? Do you need extra support?

There are so many little tricks that really can go a long way.

Movement is life!

We weren't designed for so much sitting.

If you have adjustable desks and chairs, move them. If you don't, move yourself! Take the longest route to the toilet. Park further away from work, set alarms or reminders to stretch, have walking meetings, move around when you're on the phone. There are so many ways we can break bad habits of immobility. SO many. We all just need to make it a high priority.

If you have current or pre-existing musculoskeletal pain/injury/discomfort then YES, sitting or standing MIGHT be better for you but the answer to the big question is...MOVEMENT!

Stay tuned for tips on choosing the right chair for YOU!


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