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Ankle Sprains and Dancing

Ankle Sprains – a common injury for dancers.

An ankle sprain is when a ligament in the joint is overstretched, or in more severe cases some of the fibers can become torn.

This often occurs due to weakness and/or tightness in the surrounding muscles.

In dancers this often occurs when landing after doing leaps or when turning once the ankle begins to fatigue.

Prevention Is key!

WARM up and cool down, especially at competition and displays as dancers are often stopping and starting multiple times causing fatigue and tightness in the joints and muscles.

STRETCHING and flexibility is a big part of dancing. Many dancers are good at stretching the lower leg by pointing and flexing of the ankle - but don’t forget those pesky muscles on the side of your lower leg. They can often become a cause of pain in the ankle and foot!

Do this by using a Theraband or towel. Place the Theraband on the ball of your foot, whilst lying flat on your back. Raise your leg into a hamstring stretch with your toes pointing towards you. While holding this stretch take the foot side to side.

Tight muscles on the bottom of our feet can also cause stiffness and pain in the ankle. Find yourself a golf ball or spikey ball and place it under the arch of your foot. Roll your foot back and forth. When you find a particularly sore spot hold pressure on that spot for 20 seconds then move on.

STRENGTHENING of muscles is vital in protection of the joints. It's important to focus strength on quads, hips, gluteal and core muscles as well as the calf and ankle stabilizers.

Caitlin - Dancer & Myotherapist!


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