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Myofascial Release. Myo-what?!

Heard the term myofascial release before but not quite sure exactly what it means?

Let us explain!

The first step to understanding MFR and its benefits is to explore the term Fascia.

Fascia is a web-like tissue that runs 3 dimensionally throughout the whole body. It can be found around every cell, nerve, organ, bone and muscle in your body. When your fascia becomes restricted, it gets dehydrated, thickens and becomes glue like.

This is when you might notice a general tightness or lack of mobility in your tissue. Tightened fascia can cause decreased range of movement in joints and muscle pain and fatigue.

Your fascial system is linked closely into the autonomic nervous system. It easily contracts throughout your entire body when we face our ‘fight or flight’ mode. At times of high stress and high forces our fascia cops it!

MFR involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to myofascial tissue to eliminate pain and restore range of movement. We’re able to test which direction restriction is present and adapt our treatment technique to get the best results. MFR is a hands on treatment performed on the skin with no oils or creams. With no oil or cream we are able to get a firm yet gentle grip to access the fascial tissue to begin mobilising it.

Cupping is another way in which our therapists can treat your fascia. Check out more details here.

So, if you're stressed, put your body under a lot of load or feeling generally tight all over, book into see our Myo and Remedial massage team from some MFR goodness!



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