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The low down on Pilates Principles + how they can help you feel better & move better!


The first and most important principle of Pilates.

In Pilates, we are trying to retrain your brain and your body to function more efficiently, which takes a lot of concentration on muscle activation, breathing, posture and movement patterns.


The second principle of pilates is learning to activate the centre of your body, you core. The word ‘core’ gets thrown around a lot in the health and fitness industry but we strive to show and educate you how to activate your centre properly in order to create a stable base for producing movement and strength.


Every Pilates exercise or movement involves a matching breathing pattern that helps the activation of the correct muscles to ensure the body moves efficiently. Learning the correct breathing patterns helps supply oxygen to the muscles, removes waste products and prevents you holding your breath during exercises.


Pilates isn’t only about strengthening the muscles it’s also about controlling the way they contract and when. You will learn how to use the smaller muscle to stabilise first to allow for flow and efficient movement performed by your larger muscles.


This Pilates principle refers to the purpose and direction of each exercise. For each exercise we prescribe a precise body position, posture, focus muscle and breathing pattern which are all required to achieve optimal movement and strength goals.

Flowing Movement

Let’s stop thinking about repetition of an exercise and switch our thinking to the duration of the exercise, this is the total time the muscle is under tension. Movements need to be continuously flowing so the end of one exercise and the start of another is seamless and functional. Flowing movement means that the muscles are being worked in all directions and more controlled is needed.


In our Pilates classes we isolate the smaller, stabilising muscles from the larger muscles that like to take over when performing movement. Isolation ensures the correct activation, one you will learn to feel for yourself. Please note that you cannot strengthen a muscle if you cannot activate it. We’re here to help!


Regular practice is essential to ensure the brain and muscles are trained not to forget the new muscle and breathing patterns getting taught each session. We aim for these patterns to become automatic to consistently work on improving strength and flexibility. One session a week provides results, but the more frequent you can practice the better the results. Daily practice is best and we can provide you with the right assistance to achieve your best results.

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