Sports Shoes
Our team of therapists can apply assessment, treatment and corrective exercise to help you effectively manage sports injury, lack of mobility or issues with posture or strength.
In your initial visit with a Myotherapist or Remedial Massage Therapist, we will take a thorough health history including previous injuries. We then assess causative factors including instability, imbalance or postural issues. 
This allows for a very tailored and specific plan to manage injury and prevent re-injury in the future, getting you back to sport or activity sooner.
Some of the common sports injuries we can help treat and manage include:
Shoulder or hip impingement, muscular pain or other soft tissue injury
Knee, ankle or foot pathologies including sprains, tendinopathies or fascial restrictions
Reduced range of motion through joint movements
Restriction in soft tissue and muscles through active movements
Muscular firing pattern dysfunctions or weakness through stabilising muscles


Sports massage on leg
A range of techniques are applied to assist with the special care needed before and after an event/game/training.
A sports massage with a Remedial Massage Therapist can be tailored to a specific sport and aims to enhance the performance and recovery of an athlete.
A wide range of techniques can be used during a sports massage. The techniques used will be determined whether the treatment is used pre/post event and how close to the game/event/training.
Some benefits include:
Improve tissue elasticity
Improve blood flow and circulation
Remove swelling
Stretch muscle fibres and connective tissue
When do we use Sports Massage?

We can use sports massage both before and after an event. We see people who participate in dance, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, netball, gymnastics, power or strength training and more.